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Ultramarine Blue Industrial Grade

Ultramarine Blue Industrial Grade PIGMENT BLUE 29 (C.I.NO.77007)

Physical Appearance : Blue Powder

SHADES : Reddish blue is very characteristic Other shades may go from the darker reddish shades to the lighter greener ones.

Uses : Suitable for the colouring of plastics, paints, paper, soaps, detergents, inks, artistic colours, Cosmetics, toys, food contact packaging, powder coating, crayons, white correction and many other applications. It has excellent whitening and toning properties.

Properties : It is highly fast to light. Resistance to heat is >350 deg. Centigrade for 5 minutes. It is not resistant to acids. It is not soluble in normal organic or aqueous solvents. it does not have a tendency to migrate.

BASIC CHARACTERISTICS : Tinting Strength : 0-300
Specific Gravity approx. : 2.35
Moisture Contents (% max : < 2.00
Sieve residue 53nm : < 1.50
Soluble Salts (% max.) : < 1.00
Acid fastness : 1 (Poor)
Alkali fastness : 2- 3 (Good)
Light fastness : 8 (Excellent)
Handling : In their industrial usage, the recommended procedures for handling non-toxic dusts must be followed.

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