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Ultramarine Blue Tablet Form

Ultramarine Blue Tablet Form

Physical Appearance : Blue Tablet

SHADES : Reddish blue is very characteristic Other shades may go from the darker reddish shades to the lighter greener ones.

Application : Suitable for laundry (During washing to prevent yellowing of
white clothes), we can use these tablets at the place of powder.

Properties : It is highly fast to light. Resistance to heat is >350 deg. Centigrade for 5 minutes. It is not resistant to acids. It is not soluble in normal organic or aqueous solvents. it does not have a tendency to migrate.

BASIC CHARACTERISTICS : Tinting Strength : 0-300
Specific Gravity approx. : 2.35
Moisture Contents (% max : < 2.00
Sieve residue 53nm : < 1.50
Soluble Salts (% max.) : < 1.00
Acid fastness : 1 (Poor)
Alkali fastness : 2- 3 (Good)
Light fastness : 8 (Excellent)
Handling : In their industrial usage, the recommended procedures for handling non-toxic dusts must be followed.

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